What Is Voice Acting?

What Is Voice Acting?


Voice Acting : The Basics


Voice acting is not voice “performing” or voice “showing off” –  it’s Acting.  The first thing that you want to know about acting is that Acting is in your choices. “Your acting is in your choices” is what my teachers always said. Voice acting is just acting with your voice. What it does mean is that you are making specific choices. By specific, I do not mean acting “in general”. WHO are you talking to, who are you and where are you in the given situation. Voice acting differs from onstage and in television or in film obviously because you cannot see the person acting but the voice carries so much in terms of nuance and the voice does not lie.‬

The students that I have always laugh when they know that I can pick out the times that they are not making specific choices. They will say “How do you know that I’m not speaking to somebody specifically?”They answer in GENERAL. For example,“Oh, I’m just speaking to someone who’s 18 years old” and I say “Well who is I?”And they say “Well, just an 18 year old.” So I say “Talk to a specific 18 year old.” Again, you’re acting. Your (voice) acting is in your choices. A great book that I can recommend from one of the teachers that I constantly quote and he was one of my mentors is “Acting 2.0 – Doing Work That Gets Work In A  High Tech World” by Anthony Abeson. You can find it on Amazon.

He is my all time favorite acting teacher because he cuts right to the quick and gets right to the point. It is all the things that I talk about when I teach voiceover and when I teach voice over I am literally teaching acting (voice acting.) You will absolutely hear words that I have said in his book because he taught me. It’s a great shot in the arm in order to ramp up your acting chops-especially if you aren’t a professional actor and have never done acting in voiceover, acting on camera or on the stage. Plenty of students have come to me with zero experience in the acting world.‬

‪It is definitely about your choices being specific and being clear. That would be the first Voice Acting lesson that I teach in terms of breaking down copy. When we are done with Lesson 3, this is part of that lesson. If you are not clear with your choices your reads won’t be clear. When I talk about voice acting, I literally am talking about doing on-camera acting but only using your voice. If you don’t have any acting experience on stage in the theatre or on TV or in film – Don’t worry. It is great to take a class if you can but one of the huge tips that I can give you is be specific and be clear in your choices. Your acting is in your choices.‬


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