Mental Attitude

Mental Attitude

Your Mental attitude affects you and your Voice Over Auditions, Performance and your overall Business of VO. How can this possibly be correct, you might be asking. My mental state affects my entire VO business? The answer is a resounding: YES. This idea might sound ‘airy fairy’ or ‘granola’ or perhaps for some people, even on the trite side or you are shaking your head in agreement and understand the impact your mental state has on your work and your world.

The fact is, your emotions will effect your VO reads. Inasmuch as you think you can counteract any bad moments you might be having right before you need to read an “upbeat, excited, friendly” read, unfortunately being human has its toll on Voice Over. I remember a few years ago I was given some terrible news moments before I was supposed to read a high energy, happy, friendly car spot on an ISDN session. It was such horrible news that I even asked the producer (Whom I thankfully knew well from working together so many times over the years), if we could reschedule for literally an hour later just to get my bearings, and he said there was no way to reschedule because the client was already holding on the line and the spot needed to get done immediately to go on air in a few hours. I told him the news and pleaded with him to allow me a little bit of time and he said, “Alyson, you can do this. You’re a professional. You can get through the read. Just put it out of your mind for the half hour we are working.” I was so upset at him at the time for not allowing me to take some much needed time. We weren’t curing cancer after all – we were recording a radio spot. I needed to be able to rise above my own mental state and perform because as they say, “The show must go on”. I could have chosen to pout and be angry at the producer for forcing me to literally carry on with life at such a low point, but I learned such a valuable lesson from the experience.

Things happen. Life happens. It’s happening as you read this. You don’t live in a vacuum and some days you might not want to do certain reads or any reads for that matter. You just might not be “In the mood” to read your auditions or do the jobs that you have to get done. Sometimes you can get away with putting it off but there are plenty of times you have to rise above your own sad or pissed off or (Fill in the blank) state of mind and do the reads in front of you. That is being a professional. That is being a Voice ACTOR.

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